Today's common belief is that if you stop eating flesh & milk you will loose your muscles and damage your health.
I've been thinking this for 25 years until I realize it is the exact opposite.
I finally became a vegan who makes no exception.
« It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore » Albert Einstein
« My best performances were when I was 30 years old, and I was a vegan » Carl Lewis
« With this vegan stuff, I get explosions of energy... Meat is a poison for me now... I feel the most free of anytime in my life » Mike Tyson

In this very long article I explain you why you will not only survive, but live longer, better, happier, and more powerful than ever before...


WE ARE WHAT WE EAT (although nuts are probably an exception)
It is not only true for us, but also for other animals.
You eat animals who are what they eat, so are you.
A long time ago (when I still had a TV) I heard a « study » claiming it is impossible to find any difference between an egg produced in factory and the one made in an old-school farm...
How can anyone believe a such thing? They live horrible lives, eat dirty and chemical food, how could a hen transmit good nutrients to an egg if she doesn't get them? Where would they come from?
Smoking as a pregnant is dangerous for the health of your baby, everybody knows that, so how can we believe that a hen surviving in terrible conditions in a factory, which is far more serious than smoking, will make healthy babies?
This sort of claim is also based on the assumption that science knows everything.
I believe there is an infinity of things to discover since this world has been designed by an infinite intelligence, far greater than all of us together, and that there won't ever come a day when a scientist will be able to step on a stage and say « That's it! We now know Everything. »
If there is an infinity of things to discover in this infinitely complex world, then whatever we know is nothing comparing to « The Infinite » and this is where science does not stay reliable very long.
Be very careful what you ear on TV - I no longer have a TV for many years now because I became tired of its « information »  As Michael Jackson sang « Just because you read it in the magazines and see it on the TV screen don't make it actual »
Each single time a study proves something that has a negative impact on a brand, a miracle occurs: another study appears a few weeks later proving the exact opposite.
Fluoride is probably an excellent example. A couple companies (helped by a few politicians) succeeded at making the whole world believe that fluoride is good for the teeth. The problem is, all neutral studies have shown that, not only it does not improve anything in the teeth nor bones, but it is actually a strong poison right behind arsenic on the range of toxicity. (Watch this video for more details)
In the last decades, most farms have been destroyed by the very few but very big "modern" food industry companies - I recommend you to watch the movie Food Inc. about this, it is VERY interesting.
In this documentary, you will see that the choice you have at the supermarket is just an illusion because all companies behind the products you see are owned by other companies, and in the end, less than 10 companies own the whole food industry.
Curiously, these companies also own, invest and harvest from cancer research!
Isn't it ironic to sell on one hand very cancer-promotive products, and on the other one being in the cancer research industry, a business that has been "searching..." for decades without finding anything?
There are plenty of examples of this - I will give you just one:
Nestle owns over 50 companies you see in your grocery store, among Smarties, Crunch, Loreal, Garnier, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Diesel, etc. A wonderful illusion of choice.
Take any of their products, look at the ingredients and search them on the internet. You will realize that plenty of them have been considered carcinogenic by many neutral studies. It almost looks like they have this as a criteria for their products.
Now you can visit and enjoy the beautiful spirit of their involvement in cancer research, a website full of propaganda and wrong studies proving the exact opposite of other neutral studies.

Let's go back to the farms

The life condition of 99% of the animals you can find as dead bodies in your grocery store is just AWFUL, hard to imagine and even harder to see (provided you have a heart)  These animals are sick, very sick. How eating sick animals could be healthy?
Most people do not want to see and prefer to live a selfish life in DisneyWorld, but if you read up to here you may be different, so in case you have enough open-mind and open-heart to be curious, you can have a look at
I don't want to be the vegan who focuses on how awful meat is, but the one to show you how awesome being vegan can be. For that reason I don't want to fill this article with horrible videos. If you got curiosity, you got everything, you don't need me to find these videos, there are everywhere.
So the section 1. you are reading now is the only one where I am talking about this. The 10 others are free from cruelty speeches.
An animals food company has only 2 goals:Any other parameter will not have any impact on their benefits because no eye will be able to notice the difference. They are companies, with sales, accounting and marketing departments, they want the best for their business just like any other company, except that they've chosen a very dirty one. Do not believe they care about the animals, as long as it is legal, or as long as nobody sees, it is fine for them. They just really don't like you to understand this. A nice photo of green meadow on a box of eggs from hens that haven't seen anything green in their life is legal.

Nice Eggs

To make an egg you need a female and nearly no male, but you cannot decide if a chick will be born male or female (or maybe soon with genetically modified chicks)
Did you ever wonder what happens to the males?
In the eggs industry the chicks are sorted by sex at their birth. Male chicks are either ground up alive or forgotten in plastic bags or skips until they die by asphyxia. But don't worry, they are the lucky ones since there is nothing to envy in the females lives about to begin...
It is easy to find videos of that on the net, but only curious people will watch them and they are very few.

The origin of nutrients

It is commonly admitted that meat contains this and that nutrient...
For example, it is known that 100g of beef contains 4mg of iron, and beef is thus considered as a good source of iron by many ignorant dietitians who never heard talking about beans.
Since iron is a mineral (a piece of the earth crust) no animal can create a single milligram of iron - So the cow had to take it from somewhere. Today, most of the cows you can find as beef in your favorite stores have never eaten grass, which is supposed to be their food - They are instead, confined in a factory and usually eat very cheap, genetically modified corn, and grinded dead siblings. But wait a minute, there is nothing more in dead siblings than in themselves (except dangerous bacterias) and there is almost no iron in corn...
So where the iron came from?
The iron, just like most nutrients you expect from a beef came exclusively from the food given to the cows. If the iron does not come from the cheap corn or dead siblings powder, then it comes from chemical supplements given to these animals.
Iron is just an example, it is the same for calcium in milk (see below)
Finally, either the meat does not contain what we believe it does (nobody has updated the nutrition facts of beef in the last decades) or it does have it, but from chemical sources: get a beef or tens of pills, it's all the same!

Meat soaked in ammonia ...

As you can see by yourself in the movie Food Inc. the meat industry has some serious problems of Escherichia Coli, this lethal animal bacteria (from intestines) that causes 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations and 500 deaths per year. So many people lost a member of their family that tens of associations have been created... but hush! TV prefers talking about E. Coli when an animal has poohed on vegetable sprouts once in your lifetime than about the hundreds of deaths from meat every year.
So to fix their reputation problems related to E. Coli, they found a miraculous solution: soak the meat you will eat in ammonia! But don't worry, studies financed by these companies prove it cannot be harmful for you. The product only kills E. Coli cells and is afraid of human cells.

Did you know ?

Salmons distributors choose the color of their salmon on a palette depending on the country where they sell it, so they colorize it with chemicals to increase the chances of being selected by the customer at the store. Some countries like it pink while others prefer it orange - Fortunately, everyone can find their favorite color! What's yours?


You see beautiful ads on TV about milk, explaining how much you need it (the calcium argument) even some doctors recommend to drink milk!
Please note that most doctors only have basic academic knowledge in diet. Only real nutritionists know enough. And in any case, without curiosity knowledge quickly becomes rotten.
You may also be glad to know that the word "Education" comes from the latin word "Educere" which means "to bring out", proving once again that infinite knowledge sleeps somewhere in everyone of us and is only waiting to be brought out (education) through feelings / emotions.
That is one of the reasons why in this article, you will see me rely more on Nature (God's creation) than science (human experiments relying on our limited intelligence)
Now it's time to realize that milk is an insane B.S, a BIG LIE.
What is milk ?
Milk comes from the breasts - Your mother makes it when you're a baby and stops by herself after a while - Why? because this is the way Nature was designed (by an intelligence far greater than our own) - If your mother stops making milk, it is simply because you don't need it anymore - and not only that, you become unable to digest it properly!
Babies come up with an enzyme called « lactase » which basically splits the lactose molecules to make them digestible. Lactose cannot be digested without an efficient Lactase.
At around 4 years old, our lactase becomes partially or fully disabled - It usually depends on the ethnicity: Africans are the worst digesters of lactose since their lactase becomes completely disabled - Asians are also very bad with lactose - But nobody has a good lactase so nobody can digest milk properly as an adult.
I think there might be a good reason when a very large amount of the population has an allergy to something (although I don't think we can say nuts are bad...) Gluten is the other example I'm thinking of, and I plan to make some research about it because I suspect something bad - I'll update this article if I see something clear to conclude on Gluten.
Nature was properly designed, in fact, perfectly designed, and because you don't want and/or cannot suckle the breasts of your mother as an adult you find a trick to do it anyway: A COW !
A human who suckles cow's breasts... Did God really thought about this one?
I believe everything that is obviously against the nature of Nature cannot be healthy.
Sometimes, and I would even say most of the time, you don't need any science to know. The information is already provided by the logic of Nature.


A dummy in vegan knowledge will ask how we get calcium since a vegan does not take any dairy product.
No cow has ever created a single ug of calcium. Calcium, just like all minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.) is a piece of the earth crust, it is a gift from this planet and cannot be created naturally by any living thing.
The real, original source of calcium is the earth itself, where vegetables draw it out. The vegetables are the first on this chain and the question is do you want to be the second or the third. (actually even more than that because farm animals also have dead siblings powder in their diet)
Furthermore, vegetables are the most digestible sources of minerals. Some studies have even shown that getting your protein from animal sources tends to increase calcium loss through the urine.
And there is worse:
Two studies (one about hip fractures in 1994 and a 12 years study ending in 1997) have shown that people who get dairy products have double risk of fractures! If a study proved the opposite, we may think the milk industry paid for it - but who would pay to show the dark side of milk? There is not ONE competitor industry but hundreds: the alternative to milk is simply the variety of vegetables!
Calcium is the fifth most abundant mineral on earth after Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum and Iron.
Do you really need a cow to find calcium for you?
Calcium is everywhere on this planet: in the nuts such as almonds, in the fruits such as figs, in leafy green vegetables like kale (which has more calcium than milk), and seeds: the richest source of calcium ever is sesame! (must be grounded to be digestible - Tahini is a perfect sesame based product)
There is also something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to understand:
Cows of the 21st century no longer eat grass, like they are supposed to do - They are fed with cheap GMO corn and dead grinded siblings.
Corn, unlike grass, does not contain any calcium - Therefore, cow's milk cannot contain calcium unless cows receive it from medication - So the calcium you get from milk today is a pill.
If you really don't want to get your calcium from vegetable sources, then I recommend you to buy the pill directly, because at least you won't get the hormones and the antibiotics that come with the pill in the milk (see below)
I'm just wondering which one of the milk or the pill you'll digest the best - it might be the same, and pretty bad.


As explained above, the goal of the food industry is to produce as much as possible, at the lowest possible cost.
How to make a cow produce more milk? and a lot more than what she would naturally produce?
By giving her a HUGE dose of hormones!
Once again, you eat animals who are what they eat, you obviously eat what they eat.
These kind of hormones deal with female things (estrogen) and more generally sexual things - Studies have shown obvious correlation between dairy products intake and mens testicular and prostate cancers.
With a such new high-tech milk industry it is not a surprise to see so many hormone-dependent cancers such as breast cancers!
Also, milk is a very good source of... antibiotics! (see just below)


Since most animals from modern farms (a.k.a factories) are very sick, while they still have to survive until slaughter, they are fed with considerable doses of antibiotics.
You eat them, you eat antibiotics from the grocery store.
Here is a wonderful opportunity for the antibiotic industry!
Through animal products, they force the population to get their medication even when they are not sick - and the wonderful consequence for them is that when you are really sick, you will need even more of their antibiotics as you already consume them every day!
The more antibiotics they can put in the animals you eat (fish, milk, meat, eggs) the more they can sell you at the pharmacy because you get used to it - It's not about the price of course, but your health.
It is the antibiotic addiction, a drug most people take.
To justify this, the antibiotic industry tries to make you believe that being sick is normal.
Let me tell you that since I am vegan I have never been sick a single time. I lived in Montreal, was running in the Mountains by -20 degrees, I used to get sick like everyone a couple times per year, but it simply never happened again.
Once again I don't give you any source for the antibiotic in the food because you can find many videos showing farmers getting huge bags of antibiotics from their vet without even a single paper (illegal indeed, but so common). This is because the vets are paid by the labs to sell the antibiotics. Sometimes it is even the secretary who gives the 30lbs bag of antibiotics without any question. So they feed all animals of their farm just in case some of them get sick...


This is something I realized when I became vegan - I wish I'd think about it earlier but it took me 25 years to see something so obvious. Once again, something that does not require any study, something already made available to our human logic. It is as if we did not really have to learn anything, but only to be reminded.
Indeed! animals of water, of earth and us are all vertebrates, our bodies are pretty similar.
This thought itself is enough to prove we don't need any animal, and you didn't need anyone to think it.
For calcium, see above in 2. MILK: SUCKLING COW'S TITS AS AN ADULT


A dummy in vegan knowledge will first wonder how we get proteins.
A protein is a chain of amino acids - there are 22 of them - 9 are called essential amino acids because our body cannot create them, so we must get them from outside (food). The 13 non-essential ones can be created from these 9 essentials (provided we have a good overall diet)
So when we look for protein, we basically want these 9 essential amino acids.
No cow, chicken or fish has ever created any single essential amino acid - The chicken took it from the grain, the fish has eaten another fish who ate another one that ate sea weeds.
We, animals, are NOT the creators of proteins.
Unlike animals, plants have the ability to create proteins from something that was not protein.
If I sprout a lentil seed, at a point I will get a plant that will create other lentil seeds which will grow as new plants, etc. In the end I only used one seed (an amount P of protein) and water (which doesn't contain protein indeed) and I finally get an overall protein amount such as 10xP and more as I let them grow.
So a vegan is someone who takes their protein from the original source of protein - This source is NOT animals but vegetables.
Actually, you don't need to worry as 100g of raw lentils contains 28g of protein, exactly the same amount you'll find in chicken, and also the same as Pumkin Seeds (a super-healthy source) while almonds contain more proteins than eggs (and their wonderful fat is by far healthier than the saturated animal fat of the egg yolk)
This is a popular and ridiculous myth I would like to clarify here.
The fact is that the animal protein should contain in a single package all of the 9 essential amino acids as animals are supposed to eat a variety of vegetables (it is not true anymore in the current industry - or if it is, they get them from supplements)  And it was beleived that no single vegetable contains all 9 essential amino acids together - This is why many people say they are weaker source of proteins.
This is a mistake for 2 reasons :
1. Pumpkin seeds e.g. contain all amino acids together (this is a VERY healthy source)
2. Different kinds of other vegetables contain, all together, the 9 essential amino acids in good proportions, and you don't need to get all of them in the same meal.
For that reason, vegetable protein is in fact, perfectly adequate if you get your protein from different sources, such as beans, peas, nuts, etc.
The biggest problem with animal protein is that you cannot get only the proteins - you have to eat also the cholesterol, the toxins, the very harmful animal saturated fat (responsible of heart decreases and cancers) the hormones, antibiotics and all other chemicals given to the animals in order to keep them alive and productive despite of their conditions.
But once more, animals do not create proteins (essentials amino acids)  They take it from vegetables (or chemical supplements)  So the only difference between animal protein and vegetable protein, once converted by your body into all amino acids, is what animals have added to vegetables in the chain - There is nothing you need into this addition because if they can make it, you can as well - But there are many harmful things you really don't want.


« It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore »  Albert Einstein
How do we know if God wants us to eat other animals?
Atheists can replace by Mother nature. Although I no longer think it makes sense, I've been an atheist before so I can understand.
The reason I think the theory of Nature (vs God) doesn't make sense is because a thing cannot create itself. If you agree with this, then you mean that Nature has always existed, but in that case we both talk about the same thing: an infinite power of creation that, itself, has never been created. If that is your way of thinking you may want to reconsider the word "God" because I think you already believe in it without even being aware of it, and that we simply talk about the same thing with different words...
In order to satisfy everyone, and to make sure we all talk about the same thing I will use the expression "God / Mother nature".
From a Christian perspective it is clear that if there are instructions on the fuel to use for the body God designed, it would be in the Old Testament because it would make absolutely no sense to say the physical fuel our body needs changed when Jesus appeared (our bodies have not been redesigned - God knows no time, time is for us humans)
So Jews and Christians can look in the Torah / the Old Testament and here's what we get :
SINCE THE VERY FIRST PAGE (book of Genesis) we learn that fruits, olives, trees, herbs and seeds from the garden of Eden shall be our meat.
If there are instructions on how to physically feed our body it would probably be at the very beginning, and what we find is a vegan diet with absolutely no mention of animals as food.
How do I know that?
Explain me how, a perfectly holy "man" like Jesus could kill an innocent creature that feels emotions just like men while God made available in nature all that is necessary for perfect health, and took care of explaining it in the old Testament ?
Please take a minute to picture the following image in your mind :
There is a nice frame, the paint is colorful and it is hanging in a fancy art gallery where you are standing. Jesus is banding in the grass of a nice land, he holds a knife that he's using to cut the head of a rabbit.
What do you think of this painting?
Now you can understand how I KNOW. I don't need any historical document for this, I don't even need the Bible to know it.
Either you admit that Jesus was not perfectly holy, which makes you Jewish and it's fine, or you believe in Jesus and you have to admit that it would make absolutely no sense.
No real Christian can believe this.
Unfortunately these thoughts don't help atheists, so what I propose you in addition, is to rely on a another creation of God / Mother nature : us humans. There is a lot to discover in our own body and I believe all answers can be found inside without even the help of a Holy book.
Our teeth is the result of our habit - we have canines because we ate meat, not to eat meat - If we all decide to live feet in the water, we'll have fins in a few millenniums (maybe even way before that)
Humans are considered omnivores by the scientific world.
Omnivore does not mean they have to eat meat (carnivore) but that they can. They can also not eat it. Mankind can survive in all food scenarios, from the 100% carnivore to the 100% vegan.
If you are a believer I am sure you can see God's grace here, with the favor he gave us. He really wants us to survive, his perfect design is very life-ward.
If we can survive in any scenario, what shall we be the most? More carnivores or more vegans?
Our history as mostly-carnivores should have changed our body enough to make it closer to carnivores animals than vegan animals.
Despite of this history there are many notable things in our body that show we are still closer to vegan animals than carnivores :
they have clawsno clawsno claws
short intestinal tract
because meat gets rotten quickly
(only 3 times their body length)
long intestinal tract
(10-12 times their body length)
long intestinal tract
(10-12 times their body length)
too long, meat gets rotten
no skin pores
(they perspire through the tongue)
perspire through skin poresperspire through skin pores
sharp front teeth for tearing with no flat molarno sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grindingno sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding
strong hydrochloric acid in stomach
(helps digest meat)
acid 20 times weaker than carnivoresacid 20 times weaker than carnivores
Based on a chart by A.D. Andrews, Fit Food for Men, (Chicago: American Hygiene Society, 1970)
I believe man became very-carnivore because of his laziness and not his instinct. What more simple than to eat a life that has synthesized the nutrients you need instead of picking them up by yourself?
Meat was the simplest solution - If I eat you I don't have to eat everything you ate, it's already in the package - It is like getting money: you can work or you can steal money from someone who worked - of course each method has different consequences.
We may however have some understanding regarding his laziness as the prehistorical man was unable to pickup a fruit at the opposite side of the world. We don't have this excuse anymore and there are dangerous things given today to animals that we really don't want.


We are extremely conditioned.
Humans belief is very sensitive to repetition - Repetition can forge a belief, repetition can forge a belief, repetition can forge a belief. Since we were born we see ads on TV saying milk is healthy, fluoride is good for the teeth and meat is tasty - This became the source of people's convictions and tastes.
Taste is an information written in our mind - this memory area can be accessed from inside, and outside as well if we allow it. You may find cockroaches very tasty after spending some time with a talented hypnotist. The marketing of the meat industry is the hypnotist.
Let me tell you something about taste...
I have always hated lentils, as a kid I was already feeling bad just by seeing lentils - My mother knew it so she didn't insist as we can survive without lentils.
When I decided to become vegan, as a dummy I was wondering where I'll find the proteins for my athlete life... this existential question! I have started to read on how to become vegan and I found myself in trouble when I realized how awesome lentils are. Because I was very motivated, I tried again and I didn't find them that awful... 6 months later I was loving lentils! Now, whenever you visit me, you'll find at least 2 jars of lentils sprouting in the kitchen.
I can tell the same about many types of good olives - I've never loved eating as much as now that I'm vegan - see below 10. FLAVORS: HOW YOU CAN GET AN ORGASM FROM A VEGAN MEAL
The thing about taste is that it is totally dependent on what you use to eat because of acid/alkaline calibration of the mouth. The more you eat meat and sugar, the more your mouth becomes addicted to low pH food (acidic) and the more you need even more junk food. It is a drug.
When you become vegan there is a recalibration of your mouth that leads to a change of taste. That is why most long term vegans will tell you meat tastes disgusting to them.


Despite of the common belief, there is no doubt that it is possible to be a good athlete as a vegan, regardless of your genetic and your type of sport - testimonies even show it is in fact easier - I am one of these.
There are plenty of good athletes who are vegan (see in 7. FAMOUS VEGANS / VEGETARIANS for a quick list)
Basically, a vegan diet done the right way is healthier than an animal based diet by far - A healthier body obviously leads to better performances. Many people believe vegans miss some protein...
First, recent studies and testimonies show you don't need as much protein as the meat industry wants you to believe (and I'm still talking about athletes, of any kind) - Over 1.5g to 2g per kilo of body weight is insane! It is simply not healthy to eat in that way - Don't be surprised to get a cancer or other organs disease. Also, eating more protein means eating less fat and carbohydrates in percentage of the total amount of calories - but these 3 percentages have to be balanced properly! (IMO around 15/30/55 for Protein/Fat/Carbs) To build muscles, you don't need proteins, you simply need food!
Second, as I explained above, 100g of dry lentils contain 28g of protein, exactly the same as chicken - If you really want a lot of protein eat plenty of beans, it's a lot healthier than any animal protein.
See the PROTEIN section above for more information.


Just after an intense workout, whether it's cardio or bodybuilding, you need basically 2 things:Now when I talk about sugar I don't think of a food yet but instead, of a substance in your body. The most stupid interpretation of the word sugar would be to eat crappy refined sugar... And the most stupid protein you can eat at that moment would be a food that also contains a lot of fat, especially saturated fat, and also cholesterol (animal protein)
e.g. Almonds is a very healthy source of protein, but that is not the moment to eat almonds because it will be too long to digest.
So you want a healthy form of fast sugar and a healthy and pure form of protein.
I found a perfect mix for this purpose: watermelon juice and protein powder - I recommend hemp protein, or pumpkin seeds protein, or rice protein - I love the hemp one.
I have chosen watermelon because it is the fastest sugar you can ever find (very high glycemic index)  I simply blend pieces of watermelon with the protein powder - It usually tastes pretty good and when you push your diet that far into such details, you start to reach the extremism in healthiness. Watermelon has been proven to act as an anti-cancer - When a food is listed as an anti-cancer you can usually conclude it's very healthy. Of course, hemp is amazing and pumpkin seeds as well.
I often simply blend my lentil sprouts instead of the protein powder. I usually prefer food in its original form (more natural than an extract).
Please note that you need a pretty serious portion of Watermelon because as its name says, most of its content is water. So the amount of sugar is not high in proportion to the weight.
Also, remember that I am specifically talking about post-workout food. You DO NOT need to look for sugar the rest of the day.


There was a popular rumor regarding the blood type and the diet based on a 400 pages book (in small characters) which was « revealing » this amazing discovery: « Eat Right 4 Your Type »  I guess a such revelation can sell quite well a big book like this.
Someone lent me the book before I become vegan and I started to read it... Since I am O positive, I've been very sad to « learn » from it that people from blood group O are totally incompatible with a vegan diet - But the more I was reading it the more I was surprised by the precision of its content - According to the book, one blood group really cannot eat this or that very particular food while it suits perfectly to another group... Furthermore, many of the « forbidden » food for me suited me very well according to the feedback from my body (your body knows more than anymore)
At a point it was too precise to be trusted so I started to check for reviews on the net - Then I realized I was simply unable to find any single person supporting the theory, except the author Peter D'Adamo - His book is highly criticized by most scientists.
So believe what you want but I can tell you that I am O+ and my genetic is between ecto and mesomorph (hard weight gainer) so this is supposed to be the worst scenario for vegans, but I feel a lot better since I became vegan!
What I think is that what you believe becomes true, not because it is, but by the simple fact that you believe it - so be careful what you trust... I have never trusted these rumor saying this or that person is incompatible with a vegan diet.
A vegan diet is simply eating the vegetables animals have eaten, instead of eating the animals themselves - nobody can be incompatible to this, even with allergies. I know people who are gluten free (no grain) raw (nothing cooked) vegans and I guarantee you may be jealous of their health and their beautiful plates!
I believe gluten-free raw vegan is the healthiest way of eating, but that's just a personal belief and it is also very extreme.


Truly, a good vegan diet has nothing to prove, but just in case you doubt of it, here's a short list of some famous vegans and vegetarians.
Leonardo Da Vinci1452 - 1519
painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer
vegan all his life« Truly man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds them. We live by the death of others. We are burial places »
Albert Einstein1879 - 1955
vegetarian at the end of his life« So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore » letter to Hans Muehsam, March 30, 1954
Gandhi1869 - 1948
political and ideological leader of India
vegan almost all his lifeArticles and books such as « The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism »
« The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated »
Socrates-469 - -399 BC
very probably vegetarian
Pythagoras-570 - -495 BC
philosopher and mathematician
very probably vegetarian« For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love »
Abraham Lincoln1809 - 1865
U.S. President
vegetarian« I care not for a man's religion whose dog or cat is not the better for it - I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being. »
Charles Darwin1809 - 1882
vegetarian« The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man »
« It is absurd to talk of one animal being higher than another »
Mike Tyson1966 -
recently vegan« It feels awesome - I wish I was born this way » view video
Carl Lewis1961 -
track and field athlete
vegan since competitions
« My best performances were when I was 30 years old, and I was a vegan » view video
Bill Pearl1930 -
Mr Universe bodybuilder
vegetarian since 39
Bill Pearl won Mr Universe 5 times, including one as a vegetarian.
Mr Universe is the greatest and most prestigious professional bodybuilding contest in the world, won several times by Arnold Schwarzenegger as well.
Joel Kirkilis1984 -
natural bodybuilder
« Being vegan has never prevented me from building size and strength and, in fact, has only helped build up my physique. »
Kenneth G. Williams1967 -
natural bodybuilder
view video
Mac Danzig1980 -
Ultimate Fighter
« I remember being 13 and seeing a truck on the interstate filled with pigs all headed to the slaughterhouse. One of them made eye contact with me for a while. It was one of the saddest moments I can remember. There was so much intelligence and spirit in him, and here he was, being sent to an awful death. »
Scott Jurek1973 -
Ultramarathoner (and ultrawinner)
vegan since good performances
That guy runs 250Km in a raw...
read article in the New York Times
Fauja Singh1911 -  :D
Centenarian marathoner
vegetarian, probably vegan
view article and video on CNN
Florian Bador1985 -
Vegan Fitness Model, Composer, Computer Programmer & Entrepreneur
vegan since January 1st, 2011
Well... it's just me!
« Being vegan drastically improved the roundness of my navel »


the list is huge and the net is full of rumors and wrong quotations so it's long for me to check every source - I will add one from time to time. Please add yours + reliable source in the comments below.


I've always been a very sensitive person with a chronic allergy to injustice. I've already kicked someone's ass as a young kid because he was "playing" with sand by burying ants - I was really furious.
I renew this experience from time to time as an adult, like this time I saw a father letting his little girl play with a "butterfly box". What an original concept, it is a nice pink and green Barbie style box (probably Klaus Barbie) designed to capture butterflies alive until they die by starvation or panic. What an entertaining toy for children... Makes me think of these water guns... Why guns? I really don't understand parents who let their kids play with these evil toys designed to corrupt children's minds.
The "father" with "Butterfly box" came out with an original argument : "You know, these things only live a few days anyway". Although we could go in the subject of relativity I wanted to end the conversation quickly on something he could remember so I told him "if my mum has a cancer at final stage we can lock her in a little room without food? She only has a few days left anyway."
I've always being conscious that I could have been born ant, cockroach or cow, and that all living thing deserves respect. We have absolutely no right to decide of any change for other species of this planet - I believe each life worth the same, no matter if it's a seal, a goose or a man.
If there is a hierarchy, only God can decide which one but I am sure he agrees with me. There is a difference between hierarchy of obedience and hierarchy of respect, I believe respect knows no hierarchy.
In my 25th year, I explained a woman in the street that her fur coat did not look nice to me but instead, absolutely disgusting - We ended the conversation with her question « do you eat meat? » where I had to answer yes, so she told me « then it's the same! » and she was right. I would even say that eating meat kills a lot more than a fur coat in a person's lifetime (although she was probably doing both)
A few weeks later, I felt a gradual but radical change each time I was shopping for food - At a point, I was just unable to see any « product » in the store - The only things I saw were pieces of dead animals - No price, no stamp, no barcode or « best before » were able to make me see products. Nothing was changed but I was seeing completely different things.
I became part of the people who think of an animal when they ear the words fish, chicken, oyster, lobster, shrimps: these, are NOT names of products.
At this point I was ready to decide a big change in my life.
I wanted to become vegan but I was afraid to loose my body shape - How to be an athlete as a vegan? Vegans don't have any muscles since they don't eat any!
I was so motivated that I decided I will be the first one, the one who will prove it's possible!
I then started to read a lot of books, articles on the net, and I was extremely surprised to realize I've been ignorant for so long... I realized I'll be far from being the first one, and that many athletes decide to be vegan to improve their performance!
I found many examples of strength trainers, MMA fighters and even bodybuilders, vegan (see above in 7. FAMOUS VEGANS / VEGETARIANS)
I became vegan as a new year's resolution and it is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.
I have decided for one reason: the respect of animal lives - I keep doing it for two reasons, their lives and my health.
The Nature has so many gifts to offer, it makes a lot more sense to me to relieve a tree by eating its fruits, or eat from a plant that grows more when you cut it (you learn that in gardening) than to kill our friends the animals, to simply eat through them the vegetables they ate.
I think people are too much distracted by their latest iPad to realize what they do in, and, to this world - They cry their best friends dogs and cats, but each of them murders around 10,000 chickens, cows, pigs, and other friends in their entire life.
I recently visited an organization where I'm a member, there was 2 little birds in a small cage spending their whole life in a prison despite of their innocence for the sake of children entertaining. Some of these children will then ask their parents to buy a bird, and this is how it goes on and on...
I would not mind getting fired from there by stealing the cage to open it outside but I couldn't do it because we have even stolen their instinct - They are now convicted to live in prison for the rest of their life.
As I questioned them on the reason why they bought these birds (they gave a part on my money to a criminal who sells animals) someone tells me « Seriously dude, have you seen the size of these birds? » to which I answered « Have you seen the size of the sky? »
People don't see because they really don't want to - They spend a lot of energy to make sure their own mind stays in Disney World.
Please watch this funny video
I find it EXTREMELY INTERESTING because it illustrates this perfectly.
It's not just a funny video to me, it is a real study! It proves that deep inside them, people care and still have a heart and a sense of moral (thanks God) but unless you catch them by surprise when their strong defenses are having a break, you won't ever reach that heart because they do not want to see, in order to protect themselves.
The sense of moral they were ALL born with got disconnected from their actions because it has been corrupted by the society.


First, you have to know that before becoming vegan, I had a better diet than the average population by far! I was getting great oils such as flax seed, the less possible animal fat, a little bit of yogurt but no milk, no red meat, very low sodium, etc.
So if you have an average diet you can expect a bigger difference.


The biggest change I've seen on myself was the mood.
Since I'm someone very sensitive, I could get depressed very quickly from trivial triggers - I had about 2 depressions per year and the biggest I had led me to 22lbs of weight loss in a month (176 to 154)  I stayed in bed for a month, I was only eating sugar to be able to wake up for the bathroom - I won't tell you the trigger of this but trust me it was seriously ridiculous!
This problem stopped when I became vegan - I've been through many events that would have led me to depressions as a meat eater, many sources of worries, but nothing has ever been able to bring me down!
Since I'm vegan, I'm basically unable to depress! it never happened again!
I feel a lot more relaxed as a vegan, no worry can get me, I'm still seeing very clear in dark situations.
I heard this from vegans before I start but I was doubting about it... now I'm the one who tells you!


It is extremely clear to me, instinctively and by personal experience, that something else than the basic nutrients are transmitted through the food - And I'm thinking here about the stress animals get during their life and at their death.
An animal about to be killed obviously knows there's something really wrong happening, especially when they see their siblings getting killed in front of them - Their bodies release at this moment huge amounts of stress hormones and toxins (generated all over their very stressful lifetime) that go directly to the muscles... Guess what happens when you eat these muscles?
Even without the science to explain, if you look at it with a more spiritual eye you'll admit that no energy can disapear. When you're angry you scream or brake the wall and your hand, if you don't the energy is still inside - Even when you're running your calories turn into pressure on the ground and heat in the air. Energy just cannot disapear. The stress of the animals is an energy, it has to go somewhere.
Pain is a forgotten nutrient from the animal products labels.
I believe many depressions come from animal food.


Other changes I have noticed on myself are:


One of the things I realized when I became vegan is that the supreme art of cooking is not in animal products! (and I'm French!)
My favorite thing is sweet potatoes and mushrooms, roasted in olive oil - it tastes amazing to me, I could get a serious orgasm from that.
The vegan plates offer so many possibilities - with vegan cooking I realized animal taste is finally really coarse - Definitely, the art of taste is not in the flesh.
When you put flesh in a plate you use so much room (rude flavor and calories) that you don't have enough left to bring special flavors - With vegan plates you can balance the flavors, nothing rude takes all the room - You finally reach the subtle art of cooking.
Please note that you need to let a few months to your body for taste recalibration. As an animal eater your tongue uses to get rude flavors all the time so you became unable to appreciate subtle flavors - As I told you above in my experience example about lentils, tastes change, and for the better!
The variety of flavors in a vegan diet is amazing - you cannot get bored because too many vegetables exist on this planet. It is some kind of paradox: you remove some things from your meals and it opens the door to a lot of new flavors.
This is when you realize that a vegan is not someone who doesn't eat meat, but someone who eats vegetables.
If being vegan can be described as refusing to eat meat, we may as well say that a meat eater is someone who refuses to eat human flesh.
For that reason, I really don't like going to a vegan restaurant and seeing imitation of meat tastes in the menu... That is a misunderstanding of what being vegan is.
For the first time of my life I reached a very high level of enjoyment when I eat - So I started to like cooking!



Let's say you are now ready to become vegan.
I heard many people saying they tried to be vegan and it did not work for them... But as I checked closer to what they used to eat I realized they just had a completely random diet without any knownledge.
The best advice I can give you would be this :
If you want to be vegan read A LOT of books and articles for a few months before you start in order to have different perspectives and to boost your knownledge to the max. If you don't, fine, it's still good for the animals, but please DO NOT tell your friends you became vegan because their conclusion when you'll get sick will not serve the cause!
There are very important things you need to know since we are the only animals of this planet that lost their food instinct: we cannot smell something in the store and tell if that's what our body needs. There are plenty of failed vegans out there who go back to animal food because they ate randomly, and tell their friends it did not work for them.  Of course, if you eat only celery and salad you'll have to call 911 within a few days if you still have the strength to pick up the phone - but if you eat the right way you'll be more powerful than ever!
When you eat meat you are supposed to get many nutrients from some kind of package - being vegan is picking these things by yourself - you are, thus, more exposed to an oversight - Forgetting something in your diet is called deficiency and may be dangerous.
For that reason you need to learn how to be vegan and I recommend you the book « Becoming Vegan » by Brenda Davis & Vesanto Melina - you can trust everything in this book except about soy, and about veggies prepared products (see below for both)

My Tips

More generally, here are my tips for you - you cannot rely only on this but it may help you to avoid big mistakes and keep a healthy perspective:WARNING ABOUT SMALL SEEDS:
Life sleeps in the seeds. This life is well protected by the seed itself and can resist to our digestive system.
That means tiny hard seeds must be either sprouted, cooked after a long soaking, or grounded up since you cannot do it properly with you teeth. Otherwise, they will go directly to the toilet in the same state they entered (not digested)
I'm thinking here about flax seeds or sesame - The best is to get healthy products based on these seeds, such as flax seed oil or sesame butter (tahini). Pumpkin seeds e.g. are only ok if you use your vegan teeth properly.
Green Tea with Iron and B12?
You'll find claims and studies about green tea as a potential block for Iron and B12 absorption. If green tea is really a problem for Iron and B12 it is bad news for vegans.
The idea is that the tannins from the tea would reduce the absorption of Iron and B12 by "flushing" all that to the toilets, and that non-heme iron (Iron from vegetable sources) would be the most affected.
I've read an article that was going further than others (which I unfortunately can't find) and it explained that the problem is that most studies only considered occasional green tea drinks, and not regular, long term high intakes. The article was claiming that on a very regular basis of high intake, the body starts to adapt to high tannins levels and still absorb Iron and B12 fine.
So the conclusion would be that... either you drink a lot of green tea every day, or you almost never do.
Now, when you no longer know what to believe there's only one way to find out...
I take about 10 green teas every day (real leaves, good quality, Japanese and Chinese) for many years, I get my iron mostly from beans and I take B12 supplements as explained below. In the end, a full analysis of my blood (good to do every 6 months) shows perfect amounts of everything (the only number outside of the optimal range is my fat storage too low because I train a lot)
Now it's you to know your body... (do you have anemia problems?)


In case you don't know, the difference between vegans and vegetarians is that vegans do not take/use ANY SINGLE animal product - This includes eggs, dairy products, even honey and clothes as well - while vegetarians eat eggs, milk, animal butter and may wear their skin.
Personally, I don't see any point in being vegetarian rather than vegan.


There is a big doubt on soy, and I think doubt is dangerous, especially when many alternatives exist.
Soy very probably contains estrogen along with natural-toxins. Estrogen is the female hormone and like any sexual hormone, it is known to increase the risk of cancers, including breast cancer - If you want to be healthy you are supposed to stay as far as possible from food containing hormones and toxins. Some claim the doses are very low which would make soy safe enough...
I recommend you to avoid soy as much as possible - this includes TOFU and SOY BEVERAGES - personally I never get soy.
Tempeh is supposed to be spared by this problem as many believe estrogen and toxins are disabled during fermentation - I eat Tempeh from time to time.


Any ignorant person will believe vegans have a problem with protein and calcium.
Of course it is completely wrong. In reality, there is one single problem that vegans may have, which I will explain you here, and the fact to be vegan is not the fault, it is a problem related to the current food industry.
B12 is a vitamin produced by a bacteria - No vegetable or animal can create it.
Vitamin B12 plays a very important role in the creation of red blood cells - a serious deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead you to irreversible damages in the brain and others parts of the body - and because your body has some storage, you may feel the effects only years later.
Animals from old school farms got vitamin B12 because they were able to lick the soils where the bacteria was - Since the factory industry, they cannot do this anymore. Animals are now fed with supplements of vitamin - most of the B12 production by pharmaceutical companies goes to the animals food factory industry.
Therefore, here are the only ways to get vitamin B12:
Since we don't know the dose of vitamin B12 in our food, I recommend the last solution - However, you should avoid supplements as much as possible - B12 is probably the only exception you can make.
Buy each time from a different brand in case one is bad, and always check the ingredients on the net because you will eat them all your life!
NOTE: I recommend you Hydroxocobalamin B12 instead of the most popular (Cyanocobalamin) read this article about it (go to the middle of the page at "Which Vitamin B-12 is Better - Hydroxocobalamin or Cyanocobalamin?")
The problem we have with vitamin B12 in the current industry is that we have absolutely no idea how our food was made and processed - Did the producer use chemicals? What kind of water they used to feed the seeds and wash the food? How hard they washed it? Tap water is not forbidden by organic labels - If U.S. tap water has been used for the vegetables, there are reasons to worry! watch this interesting video about fluoride
Anyway, congratulations!
Enjoy your new diet, don't forget to stay curious, and come back here to drop a few words below :)
Posted by Florian Bador
Tuesday, September 27th 2011
edited 12 months ago
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Peter from Skane Lan in Sweden
Excellent writing on the pro's of being vegan. I have also seen great results in my training after going vegan and grain free.
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Thanks for writing